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We're very pleased with the roof. It's the perfect color and we were very pleased that the workmen cleaned up so well.

Your job was completed as per estimate and done in a timely manner given that poor weather conditions prevented it from being done sooner.

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Roofing Repair Contractors Carson

Your roof is exposed to the weather all year round. This exposure causes your roof materials to deteriorate. All types of roofing materials may be damaged by wind. Excessive or in some cases even minimal debris build up is also a common causes of roof leaks.
Tims Roofing Repair has extensive experience in repairing all types of roofs, and we are here to help you with your roof repair or maintenance needs. Whether your roof is Tar and Gravel or Built Up, Torch On or Modified Bitumen, EPDM or Single Ply, Composition Shingle, Wood Shingle, Wood Shake, Lightweight Tile, Concrete Tile, Ceramic Tile, Steel Tile, Metal, or a Mobile Home Roof, We can help you.

Is It Time For A New Roof? or We Can REPAIR It?

Making a roofing diagnosis takes time if the roofing contractor does the job correctly. Unless there is an absolute emergency, most professional roofing contractors will check many different areas for the possibility of leaks and perhaps unseen damage occurring within your home.

A general rule understood by many homeowners and roofing contractors is that a correctly installed roof replacement should about 15 years. Of course, attention needs to be paid to “correct roof installation.” Most of the roofs that need replacing before their time are due to improper installation by a roofing contractor who is inexperienced with roofing repair and roof replacement. So although most roofs are guaranteed for a set number of years, many factors can lessen the number of years the roof will actually last.

Mother Nature has a way of causing necessary roof replacement. Ultraviolet sunrays, along with extremes in temperature can create shingles to expand and contract, which ultimately causes damage to your roof. Roof tiles and shingles can blow off during strong winds, leaving areas of your roof naked and further exposed allowing rain, snow and other climate factors to further wreak havoc on your roof.

Service You Can Trust!

Our roof replacement specialists have extensive training in safety procedures and all types of roofing. Regardless of the size of the roof replacement, we will provide you with excellent service. Our roofing is guaranteed and for over 10 years we have been committed to excellence in service and products. We take great pride in our work. Call us now and get a free estimate! We are dedicated to giving you the best service at the best prices!

If you have a current known issue with your roof, we do all sorts of roof repairs. Here's a list of some of the more common roof repairs that we handle:

  • Replace missing or cracked asphalt shingles
  • Correct nail pops
  • Seal and resecure the ridge-vent
  • Reseal or replace the vent pipe collar flashings
  • Reseal the wall and apron flashing
  • Install and/or replace thermostat controlled attic fans
  • Install and/or replace passive vents
  • Provide documented roof inspections for resale
  • Repair damaged siding or wrapping
  • Chimney flashing maintenance

Questions? Call us to discuss any questions or Roof problems you have.

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